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Over the past decade or so, it has become increasingly obvious that there is a concerted attack on both constitutional and conservative values here in the USA. Many have simply brushed this idea off as one of any number of conspiracy theories. Sadly, since the emergence of Donald J. Trump onto the political scene, it is plain to see that we have moved out of the realm of speculation.

Trump Lovers

NoTrumpNoPeace is a group of conservative PATRIOTS wishing to remain anonymous. We’re dedicated to being an outspoken voice for conservative values, combating the swamp-monsters of our day. Our concern for anonymity is due to calls for violence by radical members of the government and activist groups such as ANTIFA. We don’t fear for our own safety, but don’t wish for our loved ones and folks we care about to be put in harm’s way because of our outspoken politics. The Hashtag #NoTrumpNoPeace is not a call for militancy, but rather, a blunt recognition of our current political atmosphere, where freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas are routinely attacked in the public forum.

Where do You stand?

The US Constitution assures us the liberty to speak out in defense of our liberties. NTNP takes this as serious as any committed patriot should. Do you consider yourself a patriot? Are you prepared to take a stand along side of us, supporting our God-given rights?

Core Values

As far as we know, there is no one set standard definition for what “CONSERVATIVES” stand for. However, here are are a few of our hot ticket items:

  • American Exceptionalism 
  • Racial Diversity
  • An Affinity for TRUTH
  • Family Values
  • Constitutional Liberties
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Right to bear arms
    • Right to Due Process
    • Religious Freedom 
  • Right to Life
  • Limited Government
  • Right to self-determination
  • Safety-Nets vs. Socialist Nanny State

We each may vary on our approach to the above, but are resolved to defending our God-given rights.

Values Not Partisan

We are VALUES VOTERS. We’ve woken up to the fact that partisan politics can lead to demagoguery. Neither the Republican Party or the Democrats can be relied upon ultimately. 

We also recognize that we are all flawed to one extent or another. In that understanding, we recognize that Donald J. Trump is virtually no different than the rest of us. Do we give the current President a “pass” on every funky statement he makes? Absolutely not!

However, what sets Trump apart from other politicians are his vision and promises kept. He has consistently worked to fulfill what he promised on the campaign trail.


Non-Violent, but...

Our hashtag #NoTrumpNoPeace is a blunt recognition that we live in a time where a certain segment of our political arena is moving towards ANARCHY. Groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, that sprung up during the Obama years, rarely receive much condemnation in the Mainstream Media, or from Liberals in the government.

Other government officials have actually called for violent push-back from their supporters.

While we do not condone violence as a means to political change, we refuse to be silent or passive in the face of conflict.

NTNP Mission and Vision

show no fear

The NTNP Mission is to gather a cadre of like-minded conservatives who are unafraid to speak their minds, unraveling the prevailing political lies of our day.

Contrary to the prevailing liberal talking points, conservatism encompasses a cornucopia of racial diversity. Part the NTNP vision is to combat the division of identity politics which has historic roots in the Democrat party, and is in full-fledged bloom in modern liberalism. 

Liberal community organizers have become adept at creating enemies where non actually exist. Liberal politics these days is all about “intersectionality” and checking off boxes of imagined privilege, finding excuses to become offended.

Whether our contributors choose to be anonymous  or open regarding their identities, each is committed to our core values. This is one reason we put “Racial Diversity at the top of our list. Each contributor is thoroughly vetted prior to formally coming on board.

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