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Insanity Reigns Supreme During KungFlu 

The evidence is rising that Liberals in control of many areas of this nation have lost their minds. Everyone with a pulse has witnessed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer playing politics, using the KungFlu — the COVID-19 pandemic to advance their political agenda. We’ve been saying for the past four years that neither radical Democrats nor their mainstream media lackies really care about “We the People.”
Current examples of this FACT can be found in the partisan Democrat response to the KungFlu. It seems that the Democrats will never let a crisis infringe on their agenda. Liberal Congressmen and Governors such a Gavin Newsom are using the Coronavirus Pandemic as an ‘Opportunity’ to implement leftist agendas.
One important observation from the past few months has been that borders matter. Especially during times like these, it is important to screen who is coming into our country. Throughout the past decades of the immigration debate and lax enforcement. We’ve experiences a rise of many once rare diseases in this country. These diseases can be directly linked to the Democrat welcoming of undocumented, unscreened, illegal immigrants streaming across the border — welcomed into sanctuary cities.
Rather that rallying to protect the health and welfare of ALL Americans, the Democrat establishment and FAKE News media resorted to imprecatory name calling when President Trump closed our borders to travel from certain countries. The president was derided as both Racist” and Xenophobic” for working to protect us from an even greater influx of COVID-19 contaminated travelers.
Amplifying and exasperating this issue is a new agenda line item that has the intent of taking away our national sovereignty, removing all restrictions on immigration. A current bill in the House of Representatives takes this ideology a few steps further. H.R.5383 actually calls our current immigration system “racist.” Under this bill, not only will we have open borders, but, even violent criminals will be exempt from deportation. Drug cartel leaders, human and weapon traffickers, etc. will be welcomed to continue their evil acts. But wait, it gets worse. Not only does it no longer matter who comes here, this bill makes it mandatory that the government pay to bring these criminals back into the US after they’ve been previously deported.
I’m fairly certain that most patriots know that Democrat agenda includes releasing as many prisoners as possible from both state and federal penitentiaries. Those same radical Dems are now accelerating their agenda using the cover of this pandemic. Even dangerous, repeat offenders are being released int the public.  
As an example, a Massachusetts man convicted of repeatedly raping a 12-year-old boy was ordered released from jail Friday — because he suffers from health conditions that can make him vulnerable to coronavirus, according to news reports.
Glenn Christie, 54, who uses a wheelchair, was ordered released from the Massachusetts Treatment Center by Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger, WBUR reported. One of the conditions is that Christie tests negative for COVID-19, the station reported.
Christie was convicted of child rape and indecent assault on a child under 14 and was being held for violating his probation conditions, according to the report.
Two inmates at the facility, including one of Christie’s former roommates, have died of the virus, according to Christie’s attorney, David Rangaviz.
Rangaviz began filing motions in Christie’s case weeks ago arguing that it’s impossible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in jails and prisons, according to the local report.
“I wish I wasn’t right,” Rangaviz told the station. “This was a foreseeable disaster if anyone cared enough to start acting quickly.”
Christie was on a 10-year probation period after completing a prison term for the rapes, which occurred in the city of Lynn, The Salem News reported.
He was sentenced to return to state prison for one to two years — which his lawyer challenged. That request was denied, but the Supreme Judicial Court ordered the judge to revisit it Wednesday in light of the pandemic and more than a dozen reported cases at the Massachusetts Treatment Center, according to the report.
“The health risks to a person in custody caused by the pandemic constitute changed circumstances,” which entitle Christie to a new hearing, Chief Justice Ralph Gants wrote, according to the outlet. “We also conclude that, in conducting that (new) review, a judge must give careful consideration not only to the risks posed by releasing the defendant –- flight, danger to others or to the community, and likelihood of further criminal acts — but also, during this pandemic, to the risk that the defendant might die or become seriously ill if kept in custody.”
Rangaviz has told the court that Christie suffers from hypothyroidism and possible thyroid cancer, kidney disease and spinal stenosis, the paper reported.
“Mr. Christie was ordered released this morning by the Superior Court!” Rangaviz tweeted Friday. “There are so many move lives to save, but it is an unbelievable relief to get him released while it appears he may have dodged this ongoing outbreak in his facility.”
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The question that we here at NTNP have is, why does the health of a convicted felon matter more than the health, welfare, and safety of everyday citizens? Once again we are being shown the true agenda of the Radical Left, which doesn’t hold us “Deplorables” in high esteem.

Patriots need to become adept at dissecting the news, relying on trusted sources, and using critical thinking skills. It is the hope of AMPAT Media, and NoTrumpNoPeace to become one of your Go-To, Trusted Partners — NTNP

 #NoTrumpNoPeace #VoteDemOut2020 
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1.5 million folks died last year just from TB. The world didn’t come to a screeching halt. Why do you suppose that is?
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Joe vs Joe.
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