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Liberals and Low Information Voters

How often do we hear an admonition in the context of social gatherings to avoid the topics of religion and politics? One of our partners in the NTNP project has told me that he doesn’t want either this page, or our website to become overly “churchy.” To that, I agree. However, completely avoiding all such discussions in public intercourse may be a contributing factor in our overly sensitive, politically correct culture.
Here’s a question for you, What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? It’s simple really — “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Our politically correct culture these days has propagated an attitude of both ignorance and apathy towards everything that really matters, including both politics and religious values. Is it any wonder that when either subject is brought up in the agora of public discourse, many simply don’t know the truth or could care less — echoing a familiar mantra “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”
NO. This article is not advocating a certain religious paradigm, but emphasizing the importance of a religiously based moral center within any society. NO — Conservatism and patriotic concern are not only limited to people of one particular religion. However, within that understanding, it is important to recognize the absolute necessity of embracing moral truth in our cultural values. Without a religious authority regarding our moral choices all we are left with is personal opinion and feelings.
It is our current inability to hang our morals on a definitive source or moral code that is making it socially acceptable to kill children in the womb and determine that people with certain disease states, or in certain age groups should be allowed to die or advocate for their suicide by medical professionals. During his presidential candidacy, Mike Bloomberg repeated his position that some elderly patients should be denied treatment in order to cut health care costs. In this billionaire’s moral code, or world view, an individual human life is a simple monetary consideration.
America’s Founding Fathers believed that faith was an inextricable part of our national fabric, and crafted our constitution around that core truth:
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” ~John Adams
One sad observation regarding this topic can be found in the ever increasing radicalization of Democrat party over the past 50 years, and more cogently, since the last presidential election cycle. Two of the most prominent leaders in the Democrat party just happen to be Catholics, who routinely show, by their actions that they are only Catholic In Name Only. They utilize the shroud of their (hypothetical) faith only when it suits their nefarious agenda. Similarly, The Republican In Name Only (RINO) Mit Romney claims the LDS faith, but, his affinity for stretching the truth when it suits his personal agenda belies his public facade.
Not everyone who publicly claims religiosity has our country’s best interest at heart. Years ago, the Father of Conservative Radio, Rush Limbaugh coined the term “Low Information Voter,” (LIV) referring primarily to voters who make decisions based upon feelings rather than facts. Unfortunately these LIVs are not limited to one side or the other of the political aisle. Why is it that so many people these days are  lacking critical thinking skills? The majority of Americans these days, and yes this includes many conservatives as well, rely on knee-jerk reactions rather than actual facts? The late President John F. Kennedy suggested that the ignorance of just one voter in our nation “impairs the security of [us] all.”
Too many people simply nod their heads and accept as truth anything that resonates with their particular worldview. Radical Democrats and their Fake News Media cronies are relying on this fact of American culture, and taking it to the bank. Utilizing this mindset house Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader McConnell have been playing a dangerous game of Chicken with the health, safety and prosperity of our nation at stake. The Radical Democrats had been betting that low information voters would simply take them at their word, without checking the facts for themselves.
For those ascribing to the Alinsky School of political activism, such as both former president Obama and Hillary Clinton, TRUTH doesn’t matter as much as advancing your goal. Remember Obama’s often repeated line — “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?
Similarly, Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of Radical Democrats haven’t shown much concern for the lives of American Citizens or the small businesses who are the life-blood of our country. More important than providing relief to the nation, those American’s In Name Only continue to be more concerned about their political agenda, than you and I. In their original plan, they were scheming to implement new laws to allow illegal immigrants and convicted felons voting rights, and stipulating aspects of the “Green New Deal,” delaying financial relief to WE THE PEOPLE. When all is said and done, you can be assured of one thing only — even the bi-partisan solution will still include fluff supporting liberal causes.
My friends, the TRUTH really does matter. Rather than simply asking (like Hillary Clinton) “what difference does it make?” If you took the time (at this point in time) to discover the truth for yourself, you’d discover that this is probably the most critical time in our nation’s history. Those on the Radical Left are gambling that you’re too lazy and apathetic to even scratch the beyond surface of their facade.
The truth is actually plain for all to see, especially in the current debate regarding the competing plans for CoronaVirus relief. No, I’m not going to get into too many specifics, but this is much deeper than simply a he said, she said debate. The evidence is in the original bills presented by the Republican Controlled Senate and the Democrat dominated House of Representatives. One actually focused on providing monetary relief to American citizens, helping to guarantee jobs on the other end of this crisis, and the other wis filled with partisan pork barrel line items such as bailing out the US Postal Service, Credits, and support for portions of “Democrat’s Green New Deal” such as Solar Energy and Airline Jet Emission standards.. 

You decide? Who is placing the health and well-being of the American people as their primary focus? Which party is simply focusing on maintaining partisan power at any cost? Ask yourself this question posed by Senator Ted Cruz; (R-TX) “What the hell do emissions standards on airplanes have to do with fiscal relief for coronavirus?” Contrast this with  Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) telling His Colleagues that the Coronavirus Bill Is A “Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision.”

True Patriots MUST become more informed than the general population. We must then encourage our friends, family and neighbors to look beyond their preconceived notions to become fact-based voters rather than simply relying on one-sided propaganda — looking beyond the surface. The one-sided mainstream media has become expert at manipulating the facts to suit their agenda. Modern technology has made it easy for them to edit the context and original intent of any opposing view — NTNP
 #NoTrumpNoPeace #VoteDemOut2020 
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