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Yes, I’m Mad As Hell — Again
I’ve said it before and I’m certain that I’ll say it again — I’m mad as hell. Why this time? Shouldn’t we be used to all this “Never Trump” bull? Ever since Donald Trump threatened to “Drain the Swamp” during his first campaign, the Swamp Monsters have been out to get him. And, no, they don’t care what happens to the country as they continue their collusion to take him down.
The left wing radicals aren’t even shy about their agenda. From That sleazeball Adam Schiff, thinking it is okay to lie to the American people, fabricating trash on the President, to his  unindicted co-conspirators, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others, their attacks have been relentless since January 2016. One late night talk show host has even lamented, praying for a recession to force Trump out of office.
Now, it looks like the Swamp Monsters have upped their game, and we may even be heading down the road to recession. This is all due to (yes, I’m saying it) to a fabricated crisis. Don’t get me wrong, COVID-19 is a serious issue, but it isn’t the existential threat of our age as the doomsday naysayers are making it out to be.
The President got it right last month when he called this crisis a “hoax.” The rhetoric of the socialist extremists, who are more concerned about open borders and a global economy have  raked up enough phony propaganda that we are now in the midst of a real crisis. Real or imagined, the phony rhetoric is causing public panic, on a scale we’ve not witnessed since the Great Depression.
Isn’t it time for some historic perspective? And no, I’m not making light of any deaths, but, we’ve experienced major virus threats before. Why wasn’t there such mass hysteria back in 2009 for H1N1? By this relative time during that outbreak, many more people had died. In fact, President Obama waited until 1,000 Americans had died before he had implemented disaster protocols. The only difference between then and now is that the Left adored Obama’s Marxist vision of “hope and change,” and despises Trump’s focus of putting American lives and prosperity first.
All I’m hoping to accomplish here is to encourage some common sense. We’ve been through seasons like this routinely — to some extent or another. Commonsense precautions such as staying home if you’re sick, avoiding people who are sick, and maintaining a vigorous sense of personal hygiene should be enough to get most of us through this mess. Of course, those of us who are indeed at a higher risk of contracting this virus, or any other cold or flu for that matter, should take even greater precautions.
Yes, indeed I’m angry. All thinking Americans should be filled with righteous indignation. Due to the simple fact that a group of power hungry individuals are butt hurt over the successes of this president, our country is now in crisis. How many industries will go bankrupt? How many thousands of people will become unemployed due to this HOAX?

Wow long before we’re in full lock down marshal law? Governors are already activating their state National Guard units. Could a nationwide military takeover be in our futures?
I for one am unafraid to take a stand for there truth! Donald Trump is still MY president. He is doing a fantastic job! Just imagine the strides he could have made if he had the FULL support of the American people. 
It is time for all patriots to take a stand and shout the truth. This crime has proven the extent that the liberal agenda despise for our nation. Their goal is to take away our borders and along with that, our national sovereignty. To them the concepts on National Pride and Patriotism are an anathema. Keep this I’m mind this coming November. We MUST #VoteDemOut!

#NoTrumpNoPeace #VoteDemOut2020 
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