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Show No Fear

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CoronaVirus Update

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

If all you’re listening to is the mainstream media you’re probably thinking that the world is ending,  and wishing you’d listened to your “PREPPER” friends. This seems to be the irrational FEAR of many of our neighbors. This sad fact is in evidence by nearly empty shelves in supermarkets and even big-box stores across the country. In their unreasonable trepidation, folks are clearing the shelves of virtually all items they deem to be essential.

Five Annual Seasons
No, I’m not crazy. In addition to the four seasons we’re most familiar with,  The time of the year that colds and flu’s are most prevalent, has been given it’s own season. The TRUTH of the matter is that simple precautions (not hoarding) are your best, first step in reaching the other side of this cold and flu season unscathed.  Each and every year in the USA, tens of thousands of people die from a flu virus — mostly those who at a higher health risk.
So, what’s so different about this #KungFlu, aka the CoronaVirus? The biggest difference seems (to my observation) to be the media hype , partisan political finger pointing . When we compare and contrast today’s reaction to Covid-19 to the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, we find stark dissimilarities. The single greatest factor in the disparity is who is in the presidency, and the outright hatred in evidence from the demonic forces on the radical left.
So, what can we do to avoid health issues during this particular Flu Season? Simply Be Calm and Wash Your hands. Yes, this does sound a bit simplistic, but, personal hygiene is our best, first step in mitigating the spread of any illness.
Common sense things you can do:
  • Keep Calm, Don’t Stress, and 
  • Wash your hands regularly with simple soap and water
  • Keep your personal spaces clean. Use sanitizers in your kitchen and bathroom 
  •  If you’re feeling sick — stay home and call your physician (don’t go to your doctor’s office  or urgent care unless you call first).
  • Spend more time outside — fresh air is an amazing deterrent to viral infection 
  • Social Distancing — Don’t become a recluse, but avoid contact others who are symptomatic.
  • Don’t become a hoarder! Virtually every grocery and drug store offers home delivery services. 

What are we supposed to do when we’re out in public, and not able to wash our hands? Many of us have developed the habit over the years of carrying around bottles of hand sanitizer. But, during the current shopping hysteria, we’re finding a lack of products on the shelves. So, what are we supposed to do without disinfectant products such as wipes and hand sanitizers? The sponsor of this article recently published an article regarding this topic (Avoiding COVID-19). Lion’s Share Network and other Independent Kangen Water® distributors are stepping into the gap and providing an all natural, safe, and effective sanitizer — absolutely FREE.

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