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FREE SEMINAR -- Sun City Arizona

Best Practices -- Avoiding the CoronaVirus

Considering the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19), most of us are hyper-aware of the necessity of avoiding germs, maintaining proper sanitation, and even staying away from large social gatherings. This is doubly important for those of us in high risk categories such as being age 60+, individuals with diabetes, and those with other immunity-compromised conditions. You know who you are!
My wife and I went to the grocery store this afternoon, only to find shelves empty of most essential sanitary and disinfecting supplies. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to rely on your local market for some of these critical necessities? 
Also, considering triclosan, a popular ingredient in sanitizer products, also carries a host of health issues, wouldn’t it be great to have a safer, natural, more effective alternative to fight germs?
Many of us are aware of the health benefits of drinking High pH Kangen Water®, but are you aware that our machines can also create an all-natural, and effective disinfectant? This powerful, multipurpose water can be used, in a multiple of ways to safely disinfect and sanitize our hands, kitchen surfaces, and even foods.  Not only will you save money, you’ll ensure that you are protecting yourself and your family in the safest, most natural way.
Strong Acidic Water, produced by the majority of our machines, has a pH of around 2.7 and is our most powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal water. This water effectively kills bacteria, quickly and safely, without the use of harsh chemicals.
Strong Acidic Water can become a natural replacement for the current disinfectants that you use around your home. Natural, powerful and cost-effective, you couldn’t ask for more!
For the next few Wednesday’s I’ll be hosting  small group seminars (limit 10 individuals), where I’ll be discussing the “Best Practices” of avoiding the #KungFlu — CoronaVirus. I’ll also present the benefits of using Very Low pH, electrolyzed water in reducing the risk of contracting many illnesses, from Covid-19 to food borne illnesses from bacteria such as Salmonella and E-Coli.
Guests who bring their own containers will be able to take home a gallon of 9.5pH drinking water, and a supply of 2.5ph sanitizing water.
Please call for reservations, as space is highly limited. 
(Still seats open March 18 and 25)
In health, 
COPE Certified Health Coach
Independent Kangen Water® Distributor

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