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#BePrudent, #BePrepared, and #ShowNoFear

By now it is painfully obvious that the leading Socialist Democrats of our day will take every opportunity to demonize President Trump. Take for example a recent press conference held by Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), where he was blatantly politicizing the Coronavirus pandemic. [https://youtu.be/T3mVLmebO3M]

Don’t fall for Democrat AND MSM lying political Bullshit.

President Trump continues doing a great job — putting Americans FIRST During this difficult time.

Always keep a calm and reasoned perspective. Pandemics such as this current #KungFlu are neither political, nor are they RACIST. Commonsense precautions such as good personal hygiene remain your best protection. Those of us who live in areas that are prone to natural disasters already know that it is prudent to maintain supplies of certain essentials, in case of emergency. In cases of earthquakes and hurricanes we know that keeping a supply of basic foodstuffs and medications on hand is simply the smart thing to do on a normal basis. Our current situation is little different in this regard.

As Schumer so appropriately pointed out it has only been a few months since the corona virus has been a public concern, and this president took prompt action. President Trump continues to act in America’s best interest. 

Keeping a Proper Perspective is Important

Don’t FORGET — it took #Obummer six months and a thousand dead Americans before he took any steps to protect America from H1N1. 

To those like AOC, Alexandra Occasional Cortex, who keep spewing that it is racist to point out the Chinese origins of this particular pandemic, remember that China is also politicizing this pandemic. According to several sources, including The New American, China is threatening to withhold needed pharmaceuticals from the United States. 

My fellow patriots, we must stand up to the non-stop barrage of lies and misinformation from the radical left — Refuse to Panic and Show No Fear.


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Our concern for anonymity is due to calls for violence by radical members of the government and activist groups such as ANTIFA. Np, we don’t fear for our own safety, but don’t wish for our loved ones and folks we care about to be put in harm’s way because of our outspoken politics. 

The Hashtag #NoTrumpNoPeace is not a call for militancy, but rather, a blunt recognition of our current political atmosphere, where freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas are routinely attacked in the public forum.

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