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Donald J. Trump to be Canonized a Saint
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President Trump to be Officially Declared a Saint
Washington, D.C. — Koinonia News
In what may prove to be the most controversial move since Luther tacked his 95 Theses on that Church door in the 16th century, the Universal Evangelical Church of America (UECA) is set to proclaim our 45th President a Saint. According to official sources the edgy move will be scheduled sometime during October 2020, in an effort to give a boost to the Trump re-election prospects
According to UECA pastor Bee Ware of Mountain Top Church, in Knockemstiff OH,  this unprecedented move serves several purposes:
  1. providing an educational moment for Christians everywhere that God has a history of using flawed, sinful men to achieve His purposes,
  2. to call Christians living in glass houses to quit throwing stones, and
  3. present a universal call for repentance for all the unChristian, anti-Trump bashing over the past four years.
“A side benefit” claimed Pastor Ware is that “Evangelical Christianity will now have its first saint, putting us on a more level playing field with the Catholics.”
Of course, this announcement is being totally ignored by Socialist Liberals and the Mainstream Media.  It seems that they are more intent on blaming this president of inventing the Coronavirus and other fake news than making American health, safety, and prosperity a central focus.

Mainline Protestant denominations are, however jumping into the controversy by asking, “how can such a homophobic, misogynist, and xenophobic man such as Trump become a Saint?” It seems that they’re completely missing the point as well.

Yes, the above is a parody. All Joking aside, God does have a pattern of using flawed, sinful men to achieve some pretty amazing things. Remember that both Moses and David were murderers. Even Abraham wasn’t perfect, if you remember, the patriarch of our faith actually cajoled his wife to enter a kings harem and also conceived Ishmael with his wife’s servant.
It irks me to no end how judgmental many self-proclaimed Christians have been towards President Trump over the past four years. As perturbed as this makes me, I’m not surprised. You see, like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other Christians in name only, many don’t really have a clue about what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. Jesus himself told us that “there are none perfect, no not one.”
In this regard, I’m often reminded of the age-old proverb “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” This is especially true for Christians. Those of us who follow the historic teachings of Christ and His Church have received a great gift — forgiveness from our sins. Yes, we are able to judge that certain acts or actions, such as murder, abortion, and adultery are sinful. However, the judgment of another person’s state of grace is beyond our pay grade.
My urgent prayer for America, especially Americans of faith is that he pray for discernment, and sincerely ask the same thing Pontus Pilate asked of Jesus — “What is truth?” Then we must pray that God will open our hearts and give us a spirit of discernment. There is spirit of deception inculcating our culture these days. This evil is even reaching into many modern churches. We must each be discerning truth from lies and good from evil.
Don’t make knee-jerk, emotional reactions. Search for the truth the next time you hear the Mainstream News disparaging the President. Ask yourself if there is more to the story, is the context accurate, is the quote complete.
No, I’m not perfect, and neither is our president. Are you? Think about that the next time you consider throwing stones. Scripture actually refers to all true followers of Christ as Saints. 
#NoTrumpNoPeace #VoteDemOut2020 
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