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The Greatest Generation And Communism
The great sadness of the modern Democrat Party is that they’ve forgotten the lessons of history and are embracing the evils that our Fathers, Grandfathers, and now, my children’s Great-Grandfathers  fought against — Communism. Their (radical-socialist) cries of xenophobia and demands for open borders are merely subterfuge for the overthrow of historic American values and our constitutional liberties. They want open borders to ingratiate  a new block of voters dependent on government handouts and keep wages artificially low. Those Liberal Dems don’t care that along with open borders we have increased poverty, crime, and disease. Most important to these political usurpers is re-engineering America into a new socialist mecca.
Amidst the Greatest period of economic prosperity in history, millions of Americans are clamoring for more government control over their lives. Watch out and be careful of what you ask for my friends, this social engineering comes at an unacceptable cost, and God help anyone who stands up to their nefarious agenda.
This is why Democrat leaders such as Pelosi, Schumer, and others feel so empowered to publicly call for social unrest. Just last week Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stood in front of the Supreme Court and threatened our two newest Justices. A while back House Speaker Nancy Pelosi boldly declared that the Dems would not “return to civility” until they had compete control of the government.
This is why President Trump is continually continually in the crosshairs of the Fake-News Mainstream Media and receives the constant ire of those in the liberal establishment. Trump’s call to “drain the swamp” actively challenges their political agenda of false “hope and change.” It’s not essential that we necessarily “like” Donald Trump. He wasn’t elected to his first term as president because of his likability quotient. He was elected because his campaign promises offered a path back to the American dream. Candidate Trump’s vision for America was simply based upon the values that many of us grew up with — the idea that when given the opportunity, Americans succeed better than most others. Trump’s s vision and actions have brought back jobs for Americans of all races and creeds. Despite the successes of this presidency and the positive impacts on all Americans, the Socialist left continue to scream that Trump is a Racist and xenophobic.
Simply put, Trump’s successes directly contradict both the the Marxist and Globalist agendas. There has never been a example of Marxism, Communism, or Socialism, producing a prosperous culture or society. Wherever these ideologies have been implemented, freedoms vanish and economic collapse soon follows. Those who have resisted these changes have either been jailed or executed. There are multiple millions of examples of this as fact. Yet, Bernie Sanders praises these totalitarian and dictatorial systems of government because they’ve “instituted education programs” and “bread lines.” The deceptive rhetoric from the socialist left is based upon the ideology that the ends justify their means of consolidating power and implementing their complete control over the nation.
My friends, acquiring political power via social unrest and violence is an unmitigated MARXIST concept. Consider this when you hear Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and others calling for virulent social activism and incivility. Remember when former Attorney General Eric Holder said “when they go low, we kick them,” or any number of Hollywood elite openly calling for violence towards our president?
Calls for violence and other uncivil acts have been historically antithetical to the American political process. We’ve always had disagreements. What has changed that now makes it socially acceptable for Democrats to publicly advocate for the assassination of our President and threaten Supreme Court Justices? The root cause is the same thing that makes it seemingly okay to publicly disparage Christians and Jews — MARXIST IDEOLOGY.
Back in my youth there was a popular phrase — “Better Dead than Red,” which was simply saying that I’d rather die than become a communist. The simple truth is that communists didn’t disappear in the US, they simply became Liberal Democrats. The the term Liberal became too commonplace and they shifted gears, calling themselves “Progressives.” Further proving that a leopard can change its spots, many Progressives are not only comfortable calling calling themselves Socialist, they’ve proclaimed that they would fully support a Communist if one (Bernie Sanders) should he win the Democrat Party nomination.
In the early 1940s (1939-45) the “Greatest Generation” fought an epic battle against the forces of evil — much of which was centered around ideologies emanating from Carl Marx.   In fact the ensuing battle waged through much of the 20th century until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union. 
The current generation of Americans don’t seem to have a clue about the dangers of communism. All that they are excited about is promises of FREE STUFF. Like successful revolutions of the past, modern communists are exploiting class and race envy. They know that in order for their plans to succeed they need to manufacture an enemy, or even multiple enemies. Thus, we see the Socialist Democrats continually pitting the rich against the poor, and whites against everyone else.
The struggles of life are real. The socialist solution is to blame others and put the government in control of everything. The conservative solution is to accept our individual responsibilities, taking control of our own destinies, with limited government intervention. The American dream was never dependent upon skin color or an individual’s religion. American exceptionalism is more about creating your own opportunities than forcing others to provide an opportunity for you. 
Something else that has contributed to American greatness over the past two and a half centuries is our compassionate spirit. Oftentimes encouraged by Christian values, America has been the most generous and charitable nation in history. Historically our giving has been out of compassion for those in need. Marxist ideology removes that desire for compassionate giving and turns it into a state mandate — forcing those who’ve achieved through hard work to support the rest of society. The net result of this sort of society is a disincentive to create wealth, open business, and even create jobs; the government controls every aspect of life in these nations.
No, the United States of America is not perfect. However, the fact is that the opportunities we have in this country are beyond that of any other. Our freedoms provide us more opportunities to to succeed than at any other time or in any other place in history.
The Socialists Democrats and their Media Talking Heads routinely utilize lies and disinformation attempting to create a false and divisive narrative. No, the conservative idea insisting upon legal immigration is neither racist, nor xenophobic, it is due to our inherent concern for the health, safety, and prosperity of our own citizens. Keeping Americans safe, healthy, and employed should be the concern of every politician, but the Democrats deride President Trump for his efforts to do just that.
Just this basic dichotomy should prompt thinking Americans to ask, what is the real agenda of the left? Why are those Democrat elected officials demanding to put the needs of illegal immigrants above those of natural-born citizens — of any color or creed? 
We currently have a virtual epidemic on our streets of homelessness. Why do the Democrats in control of our nations largest cities and states insist on feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing other resources for illegal immigrants ahead of solving the problem of homelessness, disease, and feces on their own streets! Doesn’t this promp you to ask, “what’s their real agenda”? 
Have the Dems really forgotten the lessons of history? Many in leadership positions such as Sanders, Pelosi, and Schumer have at least lived through the aftermath of World War 2 and the ensuing decades of the Cold War. They have seen the rise and demise of several communist and socialist regimes. What about their past would make the prospects of failed Marxism appealing? These “ISMS” always create a ruling class that enriches themselves off the struggles of the masses. They don’t care about the people’s struggles. 
Let this sink in, life long communist Bernie Sanders is a millionaire, complaining about billionaires. How many wealthy individuals, whether in industry, politics, or the entertainment industry are living securely behind walls and gates, are calling for a less-secure, and less safe America?
It’s high time to call out the hypocrisy and disingenuous agenda of the left, and call it what it is — No, it’s not simply progressivism; it is flat out Communist Marxism. It is simply from a lack of public education that they get away with referring to President Trump as being a NAZI, or a dictator similar to Hitler. The rhetoric and propaganda of the left, in this regard, are wholly deceiving and presented with malodorous intent.
I’m fairly certain that our predecessors from the Greatest Generation are rolling over in their graves at our modern political trajectory. Unless we educate this generation quickly, we are only one election away from slipping into a fully communist political paradigm.
This is why it is imperative that patriotic Americans wake up to the impending dangers to our freedoms. We must become unafraid to speak up and take a stand in defense of our liberties — all of which are under attack from the now admittedly Socialist Left. 
In November 2020 (and beyond) every single vote will count. This is one reason why socialist states are scheming to for “expanded voting rights,” where motor-voter laws and no voter identification makes it simple for illegal immigrants (non-citizens) to vote. Additionally, seventeen states have laws on the books that are intended to subvert our Constitutional Republic. These laws effectively eliminate the significance of the electoral college — giving their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. In this scenario, a few larger population states, even counties will decide who is president. This will effectively disenfranchise the votes from a majority of states.
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…
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