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One of the most often repeated hashtags we use at No Trump No Peace is “#DebunkingLiberalLies.” That is because conservatives generally place a high premium on the truth. As we’ve seen throughout the past three years, truth is something that the Democrats and their Mainstream mouthpieces have a difficult time maintaining. With that question in mind, it is helpful to differentiate, right up front, that I’m not calling all liberals “liars.” As I’ll be pointing out in this article, there is a difference between the actual liars and those who are perpetuating the lies by simply being too gullible, and relying too much on #FakeNews sources.
In the wake of the Impeachment fiasco, thinking Americans should be asking themselves “why liberals lie so much?” It never seems to end. Now that the impeachment is over, liberal Democrats are continuing to recycle the same old talking points each expanding upon the same tired deceptions they’ve been using for the past three years.

Surprise, surprise; as soon as the impeachment debacle is over the same tired lies continue. Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are peddling the same speculation and presumption (packaged as TRUTH), that President Trump had some nefarious self-serving motive in his call with the Ukrainian President. If you remember, back during the House Impeachment hearings, there were no FACT witnesses that supported the allegations. The only FACTS actually presented were that there were no ties required for aid to Ukraine.

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Glenn Beck — Blaze TV
Watch Glenn Beck #DebunkingLiberalLies regarding President Trump Ukraine.
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Really, why do liberals lie so much? Conservatives and especially Christian conservatives find it hard to comprehend how and why liberals lie so easily. Many liberals seem to lie without the slightest guilt of compunction.
This ideology of deception has deep rooted history going back to the Russian Bolsheviks or even earlier. The masses were lied to because the ruling elite (or ruling elite to be) felt that the ends (Marxism) justified the means, and the masses were too stupid and ignorant to know what was good for them. Leftists have a rather low opinion of the masses, the average citizen.
Liberalism is like a religion. But unlike most religions, liberalism has no moral code. The closest thing to a moral code in liberalism is “don’t get caught.” To the fanatic, the leftist cause is so noble, so sacred, that any lying or cheating for the left cause is justified. When a liberal lies to the American public, he is in effect saying, “You are too stupid to know what is good for you. I will say anything I need to say to convince you my way is the right way.”
Over the past few decades it has been come increasingly obvious that there is one glaring difference between liberals and conservatives, and that happens to be our philosophies regarding what is “TRUTH.” Conservatives generally gravitate to the philosophy of “non-contradiction” which basically states that something cannot be both A and B at the same time with all factors being equal. In this understanding, 1 plus 1 always adds up to two. Using similar logic, western civilization has has based much of its development around scientific facts. Through scientifically proven processes, we understand that the world is round and that it is genetics and biology that determines who is male and female. 
Similarly, Western Civilization has based much of its moral code on Judeo/Christian values and traditions, which are centered around belief in an external authority — God. Within that ethic is a morality that is also based upon moral absolutes, not relativistic and individualistic thought.
Juxtapose this with modern liberal scholastics which teaches that all truth is relative and experiential. Using this logic, boys can become girls and vice versa, simply because they want wish to do so. The same thing happens moral choices, where it is becoming increasingly acceptable in many states to terminate lives of new-born children who survive abortions.
Moral relativism teaches that there is no set standard or benchmarks for moral certitude — whatever is right in one’s own mind is the only criteria for right and wrong. We see this thought process growing in preponderance, especially in the area of human sexuality. In this area in particular, sexual acts become recreational, rather than focused on procreation — consequences be damned.
If liberals were honest about their vision for this country, few people would vote for them. Liberals must lie to us in order to impose the tyranny of liberalism upon us. Vladimir Lenin, who was a Russian politician, communist theorist and first leader of Soviet Russia once stated, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” He also said, “Make the big lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it,” and “There are no morals in politics.” God bless our President, our troops and the U.S.A.
Has it occurred to anyone but me that for the past three (+) years America’s entrenched establishment has been using Saul Alinsky’s tactics of radicalism to destroy America’s duly elected president? Alinsky was the self-styled Chicago communist, activist and community organizer whose acolytes brought a young Barack Obama into the fold. He is the man who wrote the book “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to Lucifer, the devil, for being the first ‘radical’ by opposing God.
Four of Alinsky’s most important rules are summarized as:
  1. Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing;
  2. Isolate your enemy;
  3. Attack, attack, attack; and
  4. The truth doesn’t matter; what’s important is what people believe.
There is abundant evidence that the Clinton campaign “colluded” with the Russians to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president and that higher-ups in the Obama Justice department helped, and later exonerated them. But through their nefarious efforts we have spent the past three years striving to bring down our democratically elected president with no actual evidence to support their manufactured allegations.
It must be obvious by now to anyone with half a brain that there is and has been an ongoing effort to strip Mr. Trump of any allies (i.e., to “isolate” him). It must also be admitted that Mr. Trump is under constant attack in the mainstream media as well as by those in the entrenched Washington “swamp” (and was even before he was sworn in as president). There is a constant drum beat of propaganda drilling in the message that everything Mr. Trump does is wrong, evil or bad for the country.
If the truth matters to you, you must take a stand! Our nation was founded on specific values and principles which liberal lies regularly attack with vigor.
No, it’s now really all about President Trump or the Ukrainian debacle. Democrats publicly announced their intent to impeach shortly after Trump was sworn into office. It is WE THE PEOPLE, and our concept of American Exceptionalism that is really Really under attack. 
For The Radical left our historic successes are simply an inconvenient truth that contradicts their socialist world view. Can you still remember when the United States of America was considered the greatest nation in the world? I can, and President Trump is reviving that reality once again. Our corporate successes under this president are shining the light of truth on the lies of globalism.
The idea of American Exceptionalism was actually taught in our public schools. These days with liberal politics focused on globalism and a pervasive socialist agenda, the concept of American exceptionalism is looked upon with scorn.
Many of us can still remember as children, thanking God that we had been born at just the right time and in just the right place — in the greatest country in the history of the world. Sadly, we’ve watched our nation being led deeper and deeper into the swamp by one globalist/socialist politician after another. Thankfully, the American people woke up to the truth on election night in 2016. Let’s hope they don’t go back to sleep again like they did in 2018. Maybe — God willing — it isn’t too late.
#NoTrumpNoPeace #VoteDemOut2020 
Glenn Beck #DebunkingLiberalLogic Regarding Trump and Ukraine
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